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8 Facts about Education in Singapore

8 Facts about Education in Singapore

The formal education system in Singapore puts emphasis on testing, similar to the British system. Schools are ranked on the basis of the performance of the students on the standard tests. Science and mathematics are underscored in the curriculum of the students in Singapore. They usually perform phenomenally in international tests.

Singapore has garnered reputation and praise for its top-notch education system and stands as an exemplar for the West countries. Below are the facts that have played a key role in providing a high-quality education to its students.

Education is usually free.

Singaporean citizens have access to free primary education. Secondary education costs a minimal $5 per month. Other education-related costs do not exceed $30 per month in either primary or secondary education. Hence, education is supremely accessible to all citizens.

enrolled in school


Education here is obligatory.

Since 2003, it has been brought to the effect that all children must be enrolled in school. The rule applies for both primary and secondary education to citizens and foreigners alike. Parents are imposed huge fines if it comes under notice that their children aren’t receiving formal education at a school. Furthermore, they might even be jailed for up to 12 months.

High literacy rate in Singapore

Almost everybody in Singapore is literate.

As of 2016, the data suggests that 97 percent of the population over the age of 15 can read and write. It is mandatory that all the students have completed their primary and secondary education by the age of 16. Whether the student decides to join a college and pursue academia or not is for them to decide. But it is ensured that the young Singaporeans are provided with the basic skills to enter their dream profession.

The high price of Singapore’s high-quality education

Students have recently revealed their stress and anxiety skyrocketing due to the immensely tough schoolwork and tests. Over 75 percent of students felt their pressure touching the roof before appearing for an exam. This is regardless of your preparation for the test.

Practical skills are a priority.

The education system of Singapore focuses on practical teaching to teach its students to tackle different situations. Also, the aim of their education system is to inculcate a robust set of values. It allows them to be global citizens and adapt to different cultures while still holding on to their national traditions.

Science has unparalleled leadership in science and reading

Recently, Singapore has topped all countries in science and ready proficiency with a mean score of 493 points. The score for science in Singapore is 556 points which bear Japan’s 538 points.

Long work hours

Long work hours for teachers

Teachers in Singapore spend more time at their job than anywhere else in the world. In fact, teachers are expected to spend as much time with their students as their parents would to clear the concepts and strengthen the core values.

Students are encouraged to pursue their unique interest

Students are encouraged to perfect themselves in their areas of interest and participate in co-curricular activities in their free time. Overall, Singapore’s education offers a well-rounded approach.

In conclusion

The education system has transformed Singapore completely. Though better empathy must be shown to the students to help them meet the education demands, the work put in by the government to implement the policies is laudable.

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