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The Ultimate Singapore Travel Guide for Food Lovers

The Ultimate Singapore Travel Guide for Food Lovers

Singapore is a tiny island city-state. Due to its strategic location in the bottom tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia, it has different cultural influences. In simpler terms, it is the melting pot of different cultures and lifestyles, making it an exceptionally diverse city with bountiful, delicious food. Prepare yourself to experience the Chinese, Indian and Malay delicacies. Food is one of the major pillars of Singaporean tourism and seafood lovers from all over the world throng to this place.

Figuring out where to stay

One of the most challenging decisions, whenever you travel abroad, is finding an excellent place to stay. Don’t worry about traveling distances when in Singapore, as it has a well-connected and punctual public transportation system that will let you across the city without wasting time. Some of the hotels to consider are Carlton City Hotel near Chinatown and Ibis Singapore Bencoolen near Bugis.

street food

Restaurants and street food

Singapore offers an insane variety of food due to its diverse cultures, each with its own distinct flavor and restaurant to represent and serve them. Apart from Chinese, Indian, and Malay, some restaurants serve incredibly good western food and cuisines from around the globe. The city truly represents international food.

The local cuisines have held on to their authenticity well, and at the same time, there are modern takes to the ethnic dishes for a unique taste.  Some foods that are a must-try are fish head curry which is served with rice on a banana leaf plate; BBQ sambal stingray, which is a well seasoned and grilled stingray; Nasi Malayu, which offers a mix of flavors, Zi Char which are the dishes made to order, usually Chinese Style, Murtabak which is a dough filled with onions, eggs, and minced meat.

Things to do

Though the purpose of the trip can be to try a variety of flavors, there are some other activities you can partake in after filling your bellies.

Gardens By The Way

This iconic place offers a lush green park, and many kids visit it to breathe in nature.

Marina Bay Sands

It is inarguably one of the most spectacular hotels in Singapore, which is shaped like a boat. It offers a full 360 view of the city.

Chinatown and Little India

Chinatown and Little India

A little tour here will get you acquainted with the abundant culture that the city holds. One would find lots of food, shopping, and entertainment. Also, you can shop for your souvenirs from here.

In conclusion

Singapore offers so much to eat, and see that a few days of your trip would not suffice. Following this guide will help you make the best decisions to make your trip worthwhile.

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