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The Ultimate Singapore Travel Guide

The Ultimate Singapore Travel Guide

The bustling and vibrant city of Singapore carries all the charm of Southeast Asia in its heart. From stunning cultural experiences to fascinating modern-day fun and unbelievable good food, there is a lot to do in Singapore.

Where is Singapore located?

It is located on the tip of the Malay Peninsula, comprising of one main island with many smaller islets. It served as a trading post to the British Empire in 1819 and is one of the best ports in the world. The city/island welcomes more than 65.6 million passengers through its Changi Airport every year.

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How do you reach Singapore?

To reach directly from Australia with Singapore Airlines, it takes about 8 hours of flight time. For many, Singapore Airlines is always the primary choice due to its warm service and courteous staff. The seats are comfortable with a great selection of palatable food and entertainment.

Is Singapore safe for travelers?

Time and again, Singapore is touted as one of the safest destinations for residents and travelers equally. Nobody hesitates to head out in the dark of the night for a quick run to the ATM or capturing the night on your camera. Despite the claims, it is recommended to be mindful to follow the basic safety principles just to be sure. Always keep your belongings where you can see them and store your valuables in the safe of your hotel room before heading out.

Is traveling to Singapore budget-friendly?

In general terms, Singapore is expensive when traveling, considering the cost of accommodation, alcohol, and the experiences like high-end shopping and restaurants. However, it is not a secret that the best meals are the least expensive. There are many ways to cut down the costs to make the most of your trip on a limited budget.

Things to look forward to in Singapore

Singapore has an epic nightlife. If you are one who enjoys partying, this place is for you. Malaysia is just a bus or car drive away from Singapore. Suppose you are extending your stay, head over for a day of shopping and delicious Malaysian food. Tipping is not compulsory in Singapore, though if you are impressed with the service, you can extend your gratitude with a fat tip.

The best time to plan your trip

Singapore is ideal for a holiday all year round. But it is preferable to plan a visit between January and March to witness the pomp and show of the festivals like Chinese New Year and Holi. November and December are the months when the city comes genuinely alive when it celebrated Diwali and Christmas, followed by New Year.

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